Benefits of Using Sunrise Soap.

1. While we can't state our soap will cure or help skin issues, our customers have said their skin has never looked so clear and felt so clean along with being soft and smooth. We recommend our Simply Soap or Basic Oatmeal Soap for very dry skin types and Tea Tea for oily skin types. 

2. We use only plant based oils such as coconut, shea butter, olive, along with natural herbs, dried flowers, and micas used for color. Our essential oils are pure and the fragrance oils have been tested for safety.

3. Our soap is truly handcrafted. Each batch is slow stirred and additives such as herbs are mixed in by hand. Additionally, every bar is hand trimmed, cut and cured - up to 4 weeks or longer. Because our cure time is slow, this will ensure a hardened long lasting bar. Which brings us to soap that may occasionally become out of stock... we try to stay ahead of inventory demand but sometimes your favorite soap will be back-ordered. Our curing process cannot be sped up, but like most things in life, patience offers a great reward!