Tubby Twister Bath Bombs

Our Tubby Twister bath bombs just don't make the bath water pretty, they actually provide beneficial moisturizing oils for your skin and they smell oh, so good. We have a variety of recipes that contain premium oils and other ingredients such as spa salts, clays, creamy oil butters, and each batch is hand created quality fragrances and essential oils. Most of our bombs not only fizz, but produce a soft foaming layer of extra indulgence.

We offer two sizes of bath bombs: Our Tubby Twister Mega Bath Bombs are approximately 7-8 ounces and our Tubby Twister Value Bath Bombs are approximately 4-5 ounces.

We also have Wise Crack Bath Bombs....these are just a little funny shaped, some with a few crack-ups. They still will produce a nice fizz, just not perfect and are at a reduced price.

We strive to create the best bath and body products because you deserve the BEST. We hope you try a few of our bath treats for your next tubby time!